Technician Films

Technician Films was founded in 2011 to provide camera gear, crewing, lighting & grip support, lighting & set design, production management, and location services to a select group of clients. Our mission is to streamline production for those in need of producing beautifully crafted content under a variety of challenging conditions. Technician Films is based in Atlanta but specializes in providing field production services around the globe with efficiencies our competitors find difficult to compete with.

Tom Wells, Owner and Director of Photography

Awarded Five Emmys since founding Technician Films, Tom has built a solid reputation amongst a long list of clients ranging from small creative agencies focused on delivering outstanding imagery to major broadcast networks with demanding standards in their format and workflow. Serving this wide variety of clients over the last 20 years, Tom has proven his trustworthiness and effectiveness by executing against their needs time and time again. He is your insurance policy against the unforeseen creative, technical and logistical challenges that inevitably crop up along the way in every production.

Clients & Projects

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